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SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES:: 13th November 2022:TOGS WEBINAR- LGBTQ - Lets Clear The Confusion.
SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES:: 9th October 2022:TOGS- The P-A-O(Pediatric-Anesthetic-Obstetrics) Connection.
  • This CME was held at Vihang's INN Thane.
  • 182 Delegates Registered , 94 Attended Conference.
  • Program Start withs Program overview done by Convener DR UMA BANSAL.
  • The First Lecture Given by Dr Swarupa Iyer on the topic "Overview of Male Infertilty." . Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Rajiv Laul, Dr Poonam Narvekar and Dr Rooma Pathare.
  • Second Lecture was given by Dr Murugan Nandagopal on the topic " Precision Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases". Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Bhavin Bhyani, Dr Deepali Kapote and Dr Supriya Arwari.
  • Third Lecture was given by Dr Uma Bansal on the topic " HSG plus Hyteroscopy a Complete Diagnosis and Increase in Pregnancy Rate ". Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Maithili Gadgil, Dr Snehaleta Kuris and Dr Ujwala Bardapurkar.
  • Fourth Lecture was given by Dr Sneha Kohale on the topic " Oncofertilty Bridging gap between Oncologist and Gyneacologist ". Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Richa Bansal, Dr Devika Joshi and Dr Jaynarayan Senapati.
  • Fifth Lecture was given by Dr Satish Tibrewala on the topic " Role of Sperm DFI in Infertility and recurrent miscarriage ". Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Sushma Gunjotikar, Dr Satyendra Prabhu and Dr Prasad Kamat.
  • Sixth lecture was held on the topic "Endocrinology on Infertility and IVF" . Here Chairpersons Involved were Dr Rita Modi, Dr Swarupa Iyer and Dr Pradeep Chittre.
  • Panel Discussion was held on "Interseting Cases" . Panelist involved were Dr Swarupa Iyer, Dr Satish Tibrewala and Dr Prasad Kamat.It was Moderated by Moderator Uma Bansal and Sneha Kohale.
  • The entire cme recording is available here Video link.
  • This CME was held at Vihang's INN Thane.
  • 174 Delegates Registered , 109 Attended Conference.
  • The First Lecture Given by Dr Aarti Khanna on the topic "Perenatal Screening Tests for genetic disorders."
  • Second Lecture was given by Dr Ameet Patki on the topic " Repeated Pregnancy Loss".
  • Third Lecture was given by Dr Parikshit Tank on the topic " Advance Treatment of PPH"
  • Fourth Lecture was given by Dr Rajnish Patel on the topic " Instrument for Shoulder Dystrocia"
  • Panel Discussion was held on "Instrumental Delivery" . Panelist involve were Dr Ashwin Kakkar, Dr Mohan Chandavarkar, Dr Priya Hardikar, Dr J.Senapati, Dr Ashutosh Ajgaonkar, Dr Bhavin Bhayani and Dr Makrand Rane.
  • The CME photos is available here Photos link.
SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES:: 19th July 2022: Online International ISUOG Basic Traning in Ultrasound in OBGYN
  • With great pleasure We announce that Thane OBGY society is hosting ONLINE ISUOG BASIC TRAINING in ULTRASOUND IN OBGYN conducted by Dr.S SURESHDirector Mediscan Chennai Fetal Medicine Expert and Trainer for ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound for Obstetrics & Gynaecology).
  • This Course is ONLINE and comprises of 30 lectures over 7 days which will be held on DATES - JULY 19, 22, 26, 29, AUG 2, 5, 9.Special sessions on USG in INFERTILITY on 5th and 9th Aug.Lecture Timings will be from 3.30pm to 6.30 pm IST.
  • Certificate of Attendence would be given.1 Year Basic Membership of ISUOG! Lectures would be available for reference on their site.Recordings of this course lectures would be available for registered candidates 15 days after the course is over.It is compulsory to fill the pre, post assessment and evaluation forms to get the Certificate of Attendance.
  • It will be Golden Opportunity for OBGYN Practitioners, PG students ,Radiologists.
  • Registration charges 7999 only
    Special discount for Post graduates entry in PG in 2019 onwards 5999 only.
  • Dr.Mohan Chandawarkar is the President of TOGS 22-23. Dr.Swarupa Iyer is Secretary General of TOGS 22-23. Dr.Nupur Mital is Convener and Chairperson Imaging Committee of TOGS 22-23.
  • Please contact for queries:
    Dr.Nupur Mital
    WA -9324647838
    Email -
    Dr.Swarupa Iyer
    For technical inquiries please contact:
    Mr.Sandip Thote
  • Payment Link is payment link
  • The broucher link is broucher link.
  • 196 delegates registered and 144 delegates attended the conference
  • The Annual conference started with a prayer and welcome address by TOGS President Dr. Sandhya Saharan.
  • Scientific paper session started with Dr.Bhavin Bhayani ,Dr. Shailendra Jadhav, Dr Jaynarayan Senapati and Dr. Ashustosh Asgaonkar as the judges. 18 papers were presented and judged. Awards were given later in the evening with felicitation for the 1st , 2nd and 3rd best papers.
    The 1st scientific session for the day was chaired by Dr. Madhuri Gandhi, Dr. Nageshwari Nanda, Dr.Soniya Agarwal and Dr. Manasi Gore.
  • Dr Parikshit Tank, a distinguished speaker and an ex member of the advisory board of MoHFW on the topic tackled Vaccination in pregnancy. The take home messages of the lecture regarding the routine vaccinations and covid vaccination in pregnancy were crisp and clear.
  • >Dr.Sejal Ajmera, senior aesthetic gynaecologist from Mumbai spoke on the topic of Aesthetic Gynecology in the 2nd session of the day, chaired by Dr.Asha Karkhanis, Dr.Manish Mahajan, Dr.Neena Nichalani and Dr.Jyoti Saigaonkar. She touched upon most of the methods and instrumentation available in the market in the field of Aesthetic gynecology, which intrigued the audience.
  • Following it was the Keynote talk by Dr.Jaydeep Tank, a well known Gynecologist from Mumbai and the Presidential candidate for FOGSI on the topic of Current updates in Recurrent Pregnancy losses. He summarised the vital points in tackling Bad obstetric history cases. The session was chaired by Dr.Lalita Deodhar, Dr.Rajeev Laul, Dr Ulka Natu and Dr.Uma Bansal.
  • Speaking on Optimizing outcomes in ovarian cancers came Dr.Hemant Tongaonkar , an experienced Oncosurgeon from Nanavati Max Hospital,Mumbai. The session was chaired by Dr.Rajnish Patel, Dr.Priya Ganesh Kumar, Dr Nupur Mital and Dr. Snehletha Kuris. It was an elaborate discussion on the topic along with good take home messages.
  • Dr Asha Bhanushali oration was delivered by Dr. Ameet Patki , an illustrious and honoured Gynaecologist from Mumbai on the topic ‘Progesterone- a spoilt sport or a game changer’ where skilfully addressed the topic . Session chaired by Dr. Asha Bhanushali, Dr. Amol Bhanushali, Dr. Sandhya Saharan and Dr. Rekha Thote.
  • This was followed by inauguration ceremony and lamp lighting, it was attended by the following dignitaries on the stage – FOGSI President Dr. S.Shantha Kumari as the  Chief guest, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar  AMOGS President, Dr.S.Krishnakumar Past president IAGE, TOGS president- Dr Sandhya Saharan Dr. Rekha Thote, General Secretary TOGS; Dr. Rajnish Patel, Past president TOGS and Dr. Supriya Arwari, Treasurer TOGS, Dr.Mohan Chandavarkar incoming TOGS President, and Dr. Abhishek Chandavarkar Organising secretary of the conference. Also invited on the stage were Dr.Asha Karkhanis, Dr Asha Bhanushali and Dr. Lalita Deodhar.
  • The TOGS newsletter designed and conceptualized by Dr. Rajnish Patel was inaugurated by the Guests namely Dr.S. Shantha Kumari, Dr Nandita Palsetkar Dr Krishna Kumar amongst others. It was greatly appreciated by all present.
  • The inauguration ceremony was followed by the FOGSI Presidential Address by Dr.S. Shantha Kumari on her project Dheera: Stop violence against women which received a standing ovation.
  • Dr. Smurti Kamble and Dr. Aditi Godbole took over as  MOCs of the post-lunch  sesssion. The session began with a Keynote Talk on ‘Surgical management of stress urinary incontinence’ by the very dynamic Dr. Aparna Hegde. She gave an overview of the various surgical procedures being used for SUI and also introduced the newer methods of conservative management. The videos of various surgical procedures kept the audience connected with the presentation. The session was chaired by Dr. Datta Panandikar, Dr. Alaka Godbole, Dr. Mahesh Joshi.
  • The next session was ‘Resurgence of laparoscopic cervical cerclage’ by Dr. Kalyan Barmade. Dr. Kalyan displayed high resolution videos of the laparoscopic procedure of cervical cerclage. He also emphasized on the increased adoption of the technique over the technically difficult technique of Shirodkar’s cerclage. The session was chaired by Dr. Ujwala Bardrapurkar, Dr. Yasmin Momin, Dr. Sonia Gunay.
  • Medico-legal concerns in Obstetrics’ was the next session. The talk was delivered by the expert Dr. Manish Machave from Pune. He kept the delegates engaged by showcasing real life situations and scenarios of medico-legal dilemmas. The session was chaired by Dr. Swarupa Iyer, Dr. Santosh Jaybhaye, Dr. Amol Gite. The talk was followed by multiple questions asked by the delegates to which Dr. Machave gave his expert opinions and replies.
  • Following the interactive medicolegal session was the Keynote Address ‘Cesarean section in second stage : Challenges’ by the IAGE President Dr. Bhaskar Pal from Kolkata. Dr. Bhaskar spoke about the various difficult scenarios during the second stage of labour. He displayed interesting videos of difficult cesarean section deliveries which included the famous Patwardhan maneuvers. The session was chaired by Dr. Milind Gaitonde, Dr. Supriya Arwari, Dr. Meghana Andankar.
  • The Keynote address was followed by the Big Ds (Dilemmas) --on the dilemmas in a gynecologist’s career.
  • The ‘MTP amendments’ talk was given by the member of the MTP committee of FOGSI, Dr. Atul Ganatra. The session was chaired by Dr. Bhaskar Pal, Dr. Kalyan Barmade, Dr. Pradeep Vaishya. Second talk was on ‘Avoiding complications in laparoscopy’ by Dr. Abhishek Chandavarkar. The session was chaired by Dr. Madhuri Patil, Dr. Meenakshi Shegaonkar, Dr. Ajay Bhaskaran. The key message given by the speaker was to be careful while inserting ports.
  • Last but not the least was a very vibrant and comprehensive panel discussion on ‘Critical care Obstetrics : Case scenarios’
    The Panel was moderated by Dr. Rajnish Patel, Dr. Aditi Godbole
  • The evening was lit up with the beginning of Dance Delight competition. The programme began with salutations to Lord Ganesha in the dance form. Judges for the competition Mrs. Manjiri Dandekar,   Psychologist & Bharat natyam exponent and Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan, Principal Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School,Thane were introduced.
  • We had 6 teams competing for the awards after Ganesh Vandana presented By students of  Dr. Manjiri’s Kala Nirmitee in which our President Dr. Sandhya Saharan also participated.
    Three teams from TOGS…Breaking the bias, Bandit Queens of Bhiwandi, Zankar Group , Nrityayog team from Bhandup, D Fusionalta group from NMOGS, and Youngistan group from MOGS.
    The First prize was bagged by the home team Zankar group, second prize won by Nrityayog and Third Prize won by Breaking the bias.
    Dance competition awards were  announced and given by the judges Mrs. Manjiri and Mrs. Revathi.
  • RGMC MBBS toppers in the subject of OBSTETRICS and GYNAECOLOGY was Awarded “TOGS Medal of Honour” by our Past President Dr Rajnish Patel honouring his mother, Mrs. Shobha. Pratap. Patel and there were two contenders for the award  Dr Aditi Arjun Sharma and Dr Amrita Vishavdeep Gautam
  • Scientific paper presentation awardees were felicitated with award instituted by President Dr. Sandhya Sharan in her mother’s honour, Mrs Jinendra Santosh Jain. The best paper prize went to Dr.Akanksha B, the second and third winner were also felicitated.
  • Dr. Aditi Godbole  was honoured with the Prestigious Young Scientist Award.
  • Mrs. Revati Srinivasan further felicitated various TOGS members for their contribution and recognition.
  • A special award was given to Dr Deepali Kapote & Dr Varun Gaitonde for exemplary work throughout the year.
  • With an attendance of more than 200 people for he cultural event, it was indeed an Evening to remember
    All MOCs of the event were felicitated for their valuable contribution in the smooth functioning of the conference. Vote of thanks was given by Secretary General Dr. Rekha Thote.
    The conference ended with Gala dinner.
  • Following a very successful live surgical relay of a veritable feast of Endoscopic surgeries from JK women’s hospital Dombivali & Apeksha Hospital Thane on the 4th of Dec 2021, the first physical CME in more than a year and a half was held at the swanky I-Leaf Ritz hall at R-mall G.B. Road, Thane on 5th December 2021 as a joint effort of IAGE & TOGS .
  • It started with a prayer sung by Dr. Sangeeta Aranke, which was followed by welcome address by TOGS President Dr. Sandhya Saharan.
  • The 1st scientific session for the day was chaired by Dr Rajeev Laul, Dr Nupur Mittal and Dr Aparna Padgaonkar.
    Dr.Satyanand Shastri, senior Thoracic surgeon and former medical & Clinical director of J&J, North Asia spoke on the science of energy where in he tackled the topic of Advanced energy devices for pelvic surgeries this was followed by Dr. Ameya Padmawar, practising Gynaecologist & endoscopic surgeon from Mumbai, speaking on Dissecting Energy sources.
  • Following it was the Oration by Dr. Nandita Palshetkar on the topic topic ‘How to preserve fertility in Endometriosis’, session sponsored by BSV Pharmaceuticals and chaired by Dr. Mohan Chandavarkar, Dr Datta Panandikar and Dr. Rajeev Korde.
  • Speaking on ‘Fibroids- the final frontier’ came Dr. Kiran Coelho, who presented videos of laparoscopic surgeries tackling various sizes of fibroids.
  • Dr. Rajendra Sankpal skilfully addressed the topic of Management of Uterine abnormalities after that.
  • Later came a talk on ‘Fertility enhancing prolapse surgeries’ by Dr Hemant Kanojiya ,who focused on laparoscopic repair of prolapse uterus.
  • Dr. Suyash Naval , Laparoscopic surgeon from Jalgaon, intrigued the audience by enlightening on the concept of VNOTES surgery.
    This session was chaired by Dr. Milind Gaitonde, Dr. Uma Bansal and Dr.Supriya Arwari.
  • This was followed by inauguration ceremony and lamp lighting, it was attended by the following dignitaries on the stage – TOGS president- Dr Sandhya Saharan , IAGE President Dr. S.Krishnakumar, Chief guest Dr.Arundhati Bhalerao, an eminent personality from Thane , winner of various prestigious awards and titles-Guest of honour Dr.Santosh Kadam,PresidentofThaneIMA; Dr.RekhaThote,Secretary General TOGS; Dr. Rajnish Patel, Past president TOGS and Dr. Supriya Arwari,Treasurer TOGS.
    The Chief guest, Guest of honour and TOGS and IAGE Presidents each addressed the audience in a few words.
  • The inauguration ceremony was followed by an oration by Dr. Neeta Warty, an eminent laparoscopic surgeon from Mumbai who spoke on the topic of her Journey in Endoscopy. The talk was so enthralling that it was appreciated with a standing ovation! Delivered in the typical down to earth manner- a hallmark of Dr Warty’s.
  • Later came the keynote address session, where Dr. S Krishnakumar; IAGE President spoke on Hysteroscopy -the way forward and Dr. Sandhya Saharan;TOGS President spoke on Management of subfertility in PCOS. The session was chaired by Dr. Asha Bhanushali, Dr Lalita Deodhar and Dr. Rekha Thote.
    The keynote addresses were followed by Lunch break.
  • Post lunch came the Video presentation session, chaired by Dr. Rajeev Chabbra, Dr Anagha Kinnare, Dr. Mahesh Joshi.
    Following were the videos presented:-
    1. Dr Rekha Thote on Surgical management of 24weeks Tubo-ovarian mass.
    2. Dr. Shweta Raje on management of ovarian cysts in infertility.
    3. Dr. Neha Lalla on Fertility Endoscopy.
    4. Dr Shinjini Pande onTBA.
    5. Dr. Aditi Tandon on Laparoscopic Vaginoplasty in MRKH patient.
  • After the videos Dr. Vivek Salunkhe presented a talk on Retroperitoneal anatomy, a session chaired by Dr.Meghna Andankar,Dr Manasi Gore,Dr Ajay Kumar Bhaskaran.
  • Dr. Bipin Pandit enlightened us on Medicolegal aspects in Endoscopic surgery, a session chaired by Dr. Pradeep Chitre, Dr. Swarupa Iyer, Dr.Sanjay Kinare.
  • Later came the debate on whether to operate or not to operate in Ectopic pregnancy, Fibroids and Hysteroscopic Metroplasty, by Dr. Abhishek Chandavarkar ‘For’ and Dr. Rajnish Patel ‘Against’ presented light heartedly & in a fun way!
    Session was chaired by Dr. Madhuri Sakhardande, Dr Shalaka Bahadkar, Dr. Rooma Gharote.
  • The last session was a panel discussion, on Case based scenarios in fertility enhancing endoscopic surgeries by moderator Dr.Atul Ganatra.
    Panelists were Dr. Sudha Tandon,Dr. Ganpat Sawant, Dr Manish Mahajan, Dr Samir Pradhan, Dr. Sachin Dalal, Dr Neena Nichalani.
    There were quiz questions between sessions & lucky draws too !
    All the sessions were greatly appreciated by the delegates & the faculty who gave a lot of positive feedback lauding the efforts of TOGS & IAGE specifically because it was a combination of serious learning, fun & camaraderie.
  • Vote of thanks was given beautifully by SG Dr Rekha Thote.
    With special mention of our digital partners I-Plit , the A-V arrangement by Mr Mahendra & the I -Leaf Ritz management.
  • Scientific sessions were followed by Valedictory and prize distributions.
    The meeting ended with the singing of our National Anthem.